Music: Record Spin #1

Kaleidoscope Heart - Sara Bareilles

Did 'Love Song' make you want vomit blood when heard it for the 1,234 897 time on the radio back in 2007? Well if yes, then Kaleidoscope Heart might be an antidote that will cure that music cancer of yours. Personally I found her mainstream debut album Little Voice kind of bland. 'Love Song' was the climax...and the rest of the album pretty much play out like the aftermath of an ejaculation. But Kaleidoscope Heart could just be the right foreplay here.

Selected Spins: UnchartedHold My HeartThe Light

Happiness - Hurts

These two British lads could pass as Burberry's models if they don't have a music career. Happiness was an okay album for me, it was not groundbreaking nor did it made me want to tear my ears off. Its 80s music with a twist...but in this case I think Pepsi Twist had more twist to it.

Speak Now - Taylor Swift

Do I even need to provide this album a bite-sized review?

Selected Spins: Speak Now, Dear John, Mean

Music: Introducing...Sky Ferreira

The spunky singer-songwriter exudes all quality that every run-of-the-mill teenager singing sensation (from Miley Cyrus to Taylor Momsen) craves to have. She is adequately provocative, sensationally cool and rightfully distinctive without trying too hard.

But what that sets her apart from her peers is her voice. Ferreira has been touted as the next Britney Spears and rumoured to have the pipes comparable to those of Mariah Carey.

Her new single 'One' is a modern robo-stomper. While it doesn't show off her vocals and seems a bit subdued and lacklustre, the song is definitely an insane piece of music after a couple of spins. The understated metronomic vocal and stammering synths will evade your brain. You have been warned...

But what that I really do love about 'One' is its polished, high-end couture video which was shot by renowned fashion photographer Rankin. And the result as we know it is uber chic.

Music: 'Aphrodite' - Kylie Minogue

NPR's Amy Schriefer couldn't have come up with a more apt analogy when she compared Kylie Minogue to football. She is worshiped in most parts of the world except the United States.

Named after the Greek goddess of beauty and love herself, the album is the diminutive Australian diva's 11th studio album and one of her best thus far. There is not a single ballad here which is fine really considering Minogue's magic work best when she purrs her way through heavily synced dance tracks.

Listening to the album was a pure euphoric experience. It is pop fluff minus the frivolity. It is a record for the weekends without much care for Monday mornings hangover.

From the anthemic beats of 'Better Than Today' to the haunting Europop-esque sounds of 'Cupid Boy', this is Kylie at her best dance floor bliss.

Music News: Taylor Swift's New Album Slated for Fall 2010

Good news for you Taylor Swift's fans! The country teenage songstress sensation has announced that a new album will be out somewhere in fall of 2010. Taylor Swift's new 2010 album will be a follow up the multi-platinum 'Fearless'.

For two years Taylor Swift has been dazzling the world with her astonishingly grown-up knack for crafting sublime pop songs about high school subject matter—boys, being sixteen—that somehow everyone can relate to.

It doesn't hurt that those gems come from such a dreamy package: She is tall, beautiful, and poised, with that cascade of curls. In a pop-cultural landscape where vulgarity and controversy are the coin of the realm, she dares to be a young lady.

Like her last album, the new one will be very personal, but it will be about being 20, not sixteen.

"I don't think I could put on a new character for two years of my life if it wasn't really what I was going through. I have these formulas for making music; they're almost mathematical: Who are you today? What did you write about in your diary? What idea hit you at 4:00 A.M.?"

Music: 'The Fame Monster' - Lady Gaga

Album Review

Lady Gaga's songs make absolutely no sense (Wish I could shut my playboy mouth/ How'd I turn my shirt inside out?). But that is not to say that they are complete rubbish. As a matter of fact,  she always manage to churn out ridiculously catchy chorus amidst all the senseless lyrics.

Fresh off the worldwide success of her debut album, Gaga is back with a repackaging of 'The Fame' simply called 'The Fame Monster'. The album includes 8 brand new tracks that very much resonates with the sound of her previous album but yet managed to come off sounding fresh.

The album opens with 'Bad Romance', which also serves as the leading single (but of course you probably would have known that). Initially, I absolutely hated that song. The 'rah rah rah rah' chanting is nothing short of annoying and the inclusion of 'Gaga Ooh Lala' line seemed like a self-marketing ploy mix into a song. But of course like every other mortal who listens to mainstream radio, I soon gave in to the songs catchy dance-worthy chorus.

The song 'Alejandro' on the other hand was love at first listen. The Spanish tinge of the song amidst the tastefully arranged strings and synths is spot on. Plus, the song's chorus is addicting without coming off as overbearing. This song is really, really good.

On 'Monster', Lady GaGa began by stating "Don't call me GaGa" before diving in to a polished bass line paired with cheeky lyrics. 'Speechless' provided the right avenue for GaGa to show off her pipes and also her versatility as a singer. While I enjoyed the change, I prefer her when she is singing to the disco-derided beats, sorry.

'Dance In The Dark' is definitely meant for the disco floors. It is a song about a woman anguished by her lover and it sounds occasionally haunting in the distance. Its not bad but its not one of my favourites from the album. 'So Happy I Could Die' is indeed a very dirty song. It would have been another one of those senseless pop songs with dirty songs save for the clean synthesizers and neat urban flavourings.

In 'Telephone', an arena was provided for GaGa to square off against Beyoncé. My verdict? Lady GaGa outshone the diva baby! In fact, I think Beyoncé is just there to provide an unnecessary "star" quality to the song. It is another addition to the many songs on female empowerment. Nevertheless, it is a good old above average duet.

The album (I'm referring to the first disc of course) closes with a surprising stomping track called 'Teeth'. The song sounds a little tribal in places with chant-worthy lines. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up on Glee as the sound also sounds a little musical. One of my favourites from the album.

Though I may still have my reservations about Lady GaGa, this album is definitely one of the best pop albums out there right now. The 8 new songs alone would have stand as a good album on its own. The album, even in its "controversial" repackaged nature is absolutely brilliant.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Definitely Downloadable: Heck don't bother downloading, just get the whole album.